Technical event Conducted under IEEE Event by "IEEE NIT Patna".

  • DATE: 23rd of August 2018 to 9th of September 2018
  • VENUE: Classroom 9, 4th Floor, EE Annex. Building,Room no: 2-6,2-7 & 2-8
  • PARTICIPANTS: 1st & 2nd year Students.
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IMPULSE 18 was conducted between 23rd August to 9th September 2018. The contestants had to go through 3 rounds to be on the topspot. The 3 rounds were:

1. Aptitude test

2. Group discussion

3. Presentation

The aptitude round was taken by more than 600 participants. Then more than 50 participants made it into group discussion round, in which they presented their views on the various current topics which was evaluated by our core members: Pratiyush Gauri , Yashjeet singh , Surabhi Saxena, Mayank kumar. After the Group discussion round about 30 students were qualified for presentation round in which they were required to present a presentation on a problem which is persisting in aur society and how to tackle these problems as an engineer. These participants were divided in groups of 5 students in which 1was from 3rd year, 1 was from 2nd year and 3 were from 1st year , the students from 3rd year mentored their group. After excruciating round of presentation winners were announced by our Professor Incharge Mr Subodh Srivastava sir. The winners were as follows:

I. Team Name: "Teenage Techies "
Points Scored : 26.5 out of 30

Topic:Cyber security and privacy
Mentor: Shivam Shrivastava
Members: 1. Vishwajeet Singh(1706094)
2. Harsh Jha(1801121)
3. Omkar Dubey(1801065)
4. Rakshita Jain(1806136)

II.Team name: "Red Thunder"
Points Scored : 25 out of 30

Mentor: Abhash Rai
Members: 1. Prashant gaurav(1704017)
2. Manpreet Singh(1804042)
3. Prabhakirat Singh(1806002)
4. Ayushi Garg(1809010)

III. Team name: "Innovians"
Points Scored : 24 out of 30

Mentor: Shubhanshu Sanjeev
Members: 1. Rajan Kr. Sharma(1704028)
2. Smriti Pal(1802004)
3. Akshat Ishant(1801005)
4. Priyanshu Kumar(1806062)